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Blue and white zip up fishing shirt with zip pockets and hood.
Buy King Of Fishing Zip-Up Shirt King Of Fishing Shirt | Zip Up | Marlin Design Guts Fishing Apparel  Australia
King of fishing shirt. White and blue Marlin fish design. UPF 50+ sun protection.
Men's Anti-UV fishing shirt. Blue and white with hood and pockets.
Men's fishing shirts made from breathable and moisture wicking fabric.
Full zip up fishing shirt for men. Blue and white colours.
Men's zip up fishing shirt.
Fishing shirt with thumb holes in cuff.
Quality stitching of men's fishing shirt.
Zip pockets on men's shirt.
Size measurements for men's fishing shirt.
How to measure you size for men's fishing shirt.
Technical specifications of men's lightweight and quick drying fishing shirt.

King Of Fishing Zip-Up Shirt
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Be the king of the ocean in the King Of Fishing Marlin Fishing Shirt. 

A stylish and functional shirt made from a smooth anti-friction honeycomb structured textile.

The full zip up hood protects your head, neck, ears and face from the sun and the elements. With the full length zip it can be worn open or closed like a jacket.

Offering excellent UPF 50+ sun protection, this shirt is cool wearing and perfect for any hot and humid summers day. The high quality fabric is very lightweight, cool and comfortable to wear.

The shirt has two deep zip pockets on the sides to hold and secure your valuables.

It also has thumb holes in the cuffs. These thumb holes enable your to hold the sleeve in place coving the back of your hands. This is to protect them from the sun and the elements. They also allow you to hold the fabric of the cuff on the palm of your hands for added comfort and grip if required.