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Kids t-shirt featuring a bass fish swimming in a fresh water lake about to bite a worm on a hook.
Green bass fish swimming in a fresh water lake hiding behind lily pads and a submerged log about to eat a worm on a hook.
Kids fishing t-shirt size chart showing measurements with the Guts Fishing Apparel logo.
Soft and cool fabric used to make the kids fishing t-shirts.
White sleeve of a kids fishing t-shirt.
Breathable Birdseye weave cloth.

Kids Freshwater Fishing T-Shirt
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Awesome Kids Size 3D Graphic Fishing Shirt!

This summer season, you won't want to miss out on these kids fishing t-shirts. Crafted from a lightweight and quick drying fabric that's cool and comfortable to wear.

With its stunning three-dimensional artwork, this item is sure to capture their attention and impress others.

Size Guide: refer to size chart in the product image section. Measure from armpit to armpit on a good fitting shirt they have at home and times by 2 for the chest/bust measurement. Always best to add a few cm and buy on the larger side as kids grow quickly.