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Our Detachable Flap Fishing Hat in Navy being worn by a male model wearing sunglasses and a backpack.
Man wearing the Detachable Flap Fishing Hat looking at a lake.
Male model wearing the Detachable Flap Fishing Hat.
Man wearing a fishing hat that has mesh ventilation around the top of the head and a large long sun protective flap at the back.
Man wearing a beige fishing hat with black sunglasses.
Front and side profile of a man wearing a fishing hat with a long flap at the back used to cover the neck, ears, shoulders and face from the sun.
Man showing how the hat looks with the flap removed.
Water being poured onto a water-resistant fishing hat.
Hand draw sketch and size dimensions of the Detachable Flap Fishing Hat.
Foldable fishing hat with snap buttons so the flap can be removed.

Detachable Flap Fishing Hats
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Detachable Flap, Vented Fishing Hats!
10 cm wide brim
25 cm long sun protective flap
Head size: 58 - 60 cm