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Green, black stripe and orange realistic fishing lure.
10 centimetre long fishing lure. It is green with black stripes with orange underneath.

10 CM 8 Segment Swimbait Lure V35-4
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All avid fishermen and women need a swimbait fishing lure in their tackle box. This 10 CM 8 Segment Swimbait Lure V35-4 is a versatile and highly sought-after tool for anglers targeting a variety of fish species such as Murray Cod, Barramundi, Mulloway, Trout, Bass, Golden Perch, Saratoga, Bream, Tailor, and Flathead. With its realistic fish-like movement and vibrant colours, coupled with a subtle rattle sound, this lure is sure to entice numerous fish to bite.

8 Segment Swimbait Fishing Lure 10 CM 
7 swinging joints for realistic fish swimming effect
Rattle sound too attract fish
2 strong and sharp treble hooks
3D fish eyes
Flat ring
Colour: Green, Black, Yellow and Orange.