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Kids white fishing shirt with lures all over it.
Kids Fishing Shirt 3D (TX-904)
Kids Fishing Shirt 3D (TX-904)
Kids Fishing Shirt 3D (TX-904)
Cute fishing shirt for kids. White with colourful lures printed all over it.
Kids Fishing Shirt 3D (TX-904)
Fabric sample of kids fishing shirt.
Quick drying material sample of the kids size fishing shirts.
Fabric sample of the kids 3D graphic fishing t-shirts
Size chart for kids small size fishing shirt.
How to measure kids fishing shirt diagram.

Kids Fishing Shirt 3D (TX-904)
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New Kids Size 3D Graphic Fishing Shirts! A hot new item for this summer season ready for the little ones to enjoy. Made from a lightweight, soft and cool quick drying fabric, they're perfect for any hot and humid summers day. The kids will also love the amazing 3D graphic artwork that really jumps out, grabbing their attention and imagination.

Children's fishing shirt size guide and measurements.

Sizes is in CM. 1 Inch = 2.54 CM

Kids fishing shirt measurement guide.

Size Guide: measure from armpit to armpit on a current good fitting shirt and times by 2 for the chest/bust measurement. Always best to add a few cm and buy on the larger side as kids grow quickly. 

Marc the model, standing on a table and riding a scooter is 2.5 years old and wears size 4.

Marc standing with his back turned is now 3 years old and wears size 4.