Whitewater sun protection shirt with zip up hood by Zhouka.
Sun protection shirt with hood - Whitewater
Whitewater sun protection shirts for fishing and all kinds of outdoor sports.
Quality rapid dry moisture wicking fabric.
Sun protection shirt with a full zip up hood.
Quality quick dry fabric of the Whitewater fishing shirt.
Sports shirt with full zip up hood for total sun protection.
Fishing shirt showcasing quality stitching and premium fabric.
Whitewater sun protection shirts cuff.
The Whitewater shirt covers your head, neck and face for total sun protection.
The Whitewater fishing and sun protection shirt is soft and lightweight.

Whitewater Sun Protection Shirt
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This White Water Sun Protection shirt is soft and smooth making it feel great on your body. Its lightweight, anti-friction and breathable. It dries quickly and wicks away sweat. The full zip-up hood is designed to protect your head, neck and face from the sun and the elements (UPF50+).  The cool touch, soft and smooth fabric feel makes it great for hot and humid days. It is easy to clean and also great at for protecting yourself from mosquitos and bugs. Perfect for all types of active outdoor sports and activities. 

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