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Buy a pair of black fishing gloves with three cut open top fingers.
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Black nonslip fishing gloves for the left and right hand.
A man holding a fishing rod wearing a black pair of nonslip fishing gloves.
Professional fishing gloves with Velcro strap.
Red fishing gloves made from stretch material.
A red pair of nonslip fishing gloves for both hands.
Nonslip fishing gloves.
A fishing glove being measured with a ruler.
Fishing gloves available to buy in a range of different colours. Black, white, red, green and blue.

Lightweight Fishing Gloves
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Lightweight and breathable fishing gloves. Nonslip design. 3 cut fingers.
Adjustable Velcro strap and stretch fabric to fit most hand sizes.

Fishing gloves are used to protect your hands from things such as: calluses, blisters, line cuts, hooks, sharp fins or gill plates, fish teeth, the sun and the elements. They also provide excellent grip when handling slippery fish, hook shanks and wet rods etc.