Guts Fishing Apparel - grey cargo shorts for fishing.
Grey hiking short with zip pockets.
Man running in the C.Q.B grey cargo shorts with zip pockets.
The C.Q.B tactical shorts in the colour grey. Excellent quality.
Grey  moisture wicking fishing short available at Guts Fishing Apparel.
Camping and hiking shorts in the colour grey.
Stylish and lightweight hiking shorts.
Coolmax hiking shorts available at Guts Fishing Apparel.
The C.Q.B quick dry shorts at Guts Fishing Apparel.
Coolmax fabric in grey.
The adventure shorts quality zipper display.
The adventure shorts pocket design.
The adventure shorts, zipper and belt hoop product detail image.

Coolmax Hiking Shorts
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The Coolmax Hiking Shorts are a perfect all-rounder. Made from a quality lightweight, cool and comfortable fabric; they will make any day on foot hiking, camping or fishing a pleasure to be in. Featuring: Coolmax moisture wicking technology. Wear and scratch resistant durability. Flexible elastic fabric with 86.4% nylon + 13.6% spandex. 6 pockets – 4 with quality YKK zippers. Stylish, comfortable and very well made, with a micro 3D cutting crafted fabric design and texture.

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