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Yellow soft plastic shrimp lure with hook, trace and swivel included. Buy online at Guts Fishing Apparel.
Buy shrimp and prawn lures online at Guts Fishing Apparel. 3 pack of soft plastic lures.
Buy soft plastic shrimp and prawn lures. Yellow, clear and red included in a 3 pack.
Soft plastic shrimp lures with hook, lead, bead and swivel.
Prawn or shrimp lure with sharp hook, lead and swivel.
Soft plastic clear prawn or shrimp lures. 3 Pack.
9 cm prawn and shrimp lures.
Buy realistic soft plastic shrimp lures at Guts Fishing Apparel.

Soft Plastic Shrimp Lures 3 Pack
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Soft Plastic Shrimp Lures with hook, leader, bead and swivel.

Realistic soft plastic design. Sharp hook. 

Length: 9 cm

3 Pack - one of each colour in pack.